Apocalyptic Infestation

Lab Rats

Five individuals wake up strapped into hospital beds with no memory as to how they got there. Five out of ten total. The room is very bright and the walls are white. The five figure out how to get out of their straps to take a better look around. Frank and Sun went over to a desk with some paper work and lab equipment to see if there was anything that could give them some answers while Tina began looking over the others still unconscious to try and figure out if any where alive or what was being done to them. Sun eventually joined her is examining the body’s. What was learned was that everyone in this room where under some kind of experimentation using some strange unidentifiable genes.

During this Lee went straight for the door to try and figure out how to open it. The door was highly advanced and it seemed to open by fingerprint sensors. He began trying to hack the door opening up the device next to the door with the fingerprint sensor. He signaled the alarm, but did manage to open it. On the other side of the door was a sight of horror. Blood covered the walls, floor and ceilings while dismembered body parts decorated the rest of the hallway. A woman sat near by in a pool of blood. On closer inspection Tina was able to determined she had been brutally raped. As she examines her the woman wakes up and goes to try to grab Tina’s arm. “Help me” she says as something begins to claw it way out of her stomach killing her. The creature looks very alien like. Before it could finish crawling out Bruce began stabbing at her stomach repeatedly with some of the medical tools be found in the other room. Tina then at this moment remembered seeing one of these once before and shared the information with the group.

Going through the hallways they realized by looking over some of the paperwork and signs above the door that everything seemed to be written in French except the room they came from. They mange to find a couple of hand guns on a few of the bodies. Eventually they came up to double doors with “Do Not Open” written on it in blood. Bruce and Sun decide to comb up into the air docks to see what is in the room. What they find is undead creatures trying to reach up to them inside what looks like a cafeteria. Realizing the air docks ended at the end of this room they went back to try to come up with a plan with the others.

While they look into the other room, Frank decides to look through some of the paperwork in the near by rooms. When he sees a date on the paper and realizes that it is two years five years in the future he begins to wonder how long they where unconscious for. Once everyone is back and hatching a plane he tells everyone what he found and then tells them to go find the most recent date. As most of the group is more concerned with how to get past the undead, Tina stops everything she is doing and goes looking for any and all dates she can find. Seeing her so eager to go and realizing everyone felt a slight urge to do they same they realized Frank had gained some sort of ability to force people to do what he wanted. A pone coming back the most recent date Tina could find put them at ten years into the future.

After finally knowing how much time had passed they began discussing how to get past the undead. What they ended up doing could be considered pretty grim to most. They took some of the unconscious body’s from the first room and laid them out for the undead. During this Tina realized she could cary the bodies with ease giving her the impression that she now had super strength. They the all climbed up into the air docks but one. Lee carefully opened the door and then climbed up. They all moved to the other room as the waited for the zombies to go through. Most went, but five stragglers stayed behind hearing something something around in the air docks. The group decides to try to take on these five jumping down and closing off the door. It wasn’t easy but they managed to take them down. During the combat Lee realized he had the ability to summon some kind of shield illumination, Sun found that she could self heal very fast, and Bruce realized his skin had become extremely tough and difficult to penetrate.

Now finally at the next door, they can only hope more answers lay ahead of them and that they might survive to find those answers.



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