Apocalyptic Infestation

The Truth Unveiling Begins

Finally the door was opened and a new decision had to be made. The door led to a stairwell lead one floor up and one floor down. After some discussion the group decided it might be best to go up. The next floor did not look nearly as horrific as the floor below. No dead body parts decorating the hallway, but blood stains on the walls and floor indicated a fight. There where three doors. one on the right, one on the left and one at the end of the hallway. The one at the end seemed to be where the blood trail lead.

They opened the door on the right first revealing a very large storage room. After going through the boxes they quickly realized that this is where the patients personal belongings where kept. All but Tina managed to find their boxes. The group spent quit a bit of time here scavenging the other boxes as well to see if they could find anything else that could be useful.

Next they went through the door on the left. This room was obviously a locker room complete with showers. Tina immediately began busting into every locker she could get her hands on in hopes she could find her things and eventually she did along with a name badge indicating that she worked here before she ended up on that table. The group began to seem concerned about this new discovery.

After some discussion about whether or not to shower before looking in the last room; Tina felt very dirty, they manage to convince her to wait and check the last room first. In the last room they found two dead bodies, but the room itself was the controls room complete with monitors. At one time these monitors showed every room in the building, but now it seems they are mostly broken only revealing a few rooms in the building, one of which shows two people still alive trying to keep something from getting inside.

Immediately they went back to the storage room and began trying to find anything they could use to make explosives with. They found enough to make a few molitof cocktails and went ahead and took the fire extinguisher on this floor. They then went back to the dining hall on the 4th floor and grabbed the other two fire extinguishers. Next it was time to blow up some zombies and see if these two people had any information for them.

The killing of zombies was a complete success, but when talking to the people they found that one of them was too injured and was in the mist of dying. Seeing nothing could be done the man asked if any of them would be willing to make the process go faster, he didn’t want Elisa to have to do it; Elisa being the other doctor in the room. Lee Jin-Ho offered to do the difficult task.

Elisa though turned out to be rather helpful explaining that this place was where people who where injured where taken or important officials where took for safety. She didn’t know too much about the experiments done on floor four though and could not tell them what happened to them, but she did know Tina was one of the head doctors on that floor. This brought back memories Tina would eventually share with the group, and by eventually I mean very soon as questions are asked. Still not knowing why she had ended up on the table, Tina felt fairly certain that she may had been the one to operate on them.

Most of their conversation did not happen on floor three though, they went back to floor four where the showers where and cleaned up while also resting from all the fighting. Finding a place to feel safe seemed like it might be a rare luxury now that they are aware that the world above ground has gone to shit. During this time Lee went back to the control room to dig in it to pull out the gem stone that once powered it. Earlier he had remembered working with it once before and in hopes maybe this could lead to more answered he decided the risk was worth taking to handle it with his hands. The gem runs a risk of slowly driving a person insane and when the group realized what he was doing concerns where expressed, but nothing could be said to change Lee’s mind.

More information was brought foreword though through a dream that Sun had during their rest here. She dreamed of what seemed like another world with monsters so horrifying that it scared her nearly to death. The dream began with the last thing she remembered, which was walking into a mining cave where the gem was being gathered and walking out of a nightmare. The group decided that the creatures invading their planet where most likely linked the gems.

Talking and understanding was great, but they soon decided it was time to figure out a way to get the hell out of here, so they went back to floor three and scavenged from it what they could. This floor was the medical floor where people where treated and helped. A pone going through this floor they finally ran into the adult alien like monsters known as Jigar. The first one they ran into they where able to make quick work of thanks to Franks ability to mind control, but the next two where not so easy. A few close calls where had, but they worked together as a group and managed to kill both of them.

Now they are at the next stairwell, what awaits for them on floor two? I guess we shell have to wait to find out next session.

After making it though another floor and putting more information together, everyone gains a minor milestone.



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