Terrierantula-Lab Mix


High Concept: Brain Of A Dog

Trouble: Webs Burn Very Easily

Aspects: Even Massive Webs Are Hard to See; Friendly Neighborhood Spider Dog; Experiment

(4): Stealth, Athletics
(3): Physique, Notice, Shoot


Web Runner- Immune to own webs’ entanglement.

Web Sense- Can sense movement in their web, allowing them to find prey in total darkness.

Webs- A web is Superb for resisting attempts to get away from it. Can either be laid as traps (compel Even Massive Webs Are Hard to See to make characters stumble into), or spider can use Shoot to create advantage, placing Webbed aspect on target.

Spider Climb- Can walk along walls and ceilings.

Physical Stress: 4
Mental Stress: 2



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