In the beginning of the book on the very first page there is a warning. “Reading this book can result in great power, but if thou is not strong willed then it can also result in madness. Do not continue unless you intend to finish.”

What this means for micanics is that there is a will test everyday you read it. It starts at 0 and increases by one everyday you read it in consecutive days. Taking a break does not reset the skill test, but it will keep it from increasing. Add your bonuses as if the book is attacking you mentally. Every fail results in one insanity point.

Most of the book talks about rituals to perform to different Demi gods to gain their blessings and how to best serve them. There are seven in all and each rain supreme over different areas of the planet. The earth is treated to match the realm of ‘R’lyeh’ or as you both know it ‘the otherside’ or ‘upsidedown’. These two deminsions are intertwined and it is believed R’lyeh is the true planet while the earth was created through magic as a safe place. It is not knows for sure but they are; and have been linked since the the first life came to be on earth.

Tens of thousands of years ago a bread very similar to humans known as Epea found the few portals that existed then and began to come through, quickly realizing how much safer earth was. These beings mated with humans and eventually lost their immunity to the harshness of R’lyeh. But they did keep traces of their DNA strand which is why some people where able to accept the DNA strands Tina took from the monsters.

The stones are used in just about every ritual. Each Demi God has its own name for its particular stones. To a normal person the stones look identical, but to someone who knows how to activate them they would know each stone has a different color glow. The stones are directly connected to a certain demigod and the more it is used the easier it is for the demi god to find you and communicate with you. If you use the stone to give the demi god sacrifices it in turn makes the demi god stronger and may bless the servant with special gifts. Innocent souls are best, but it will take what it can get. The Demi gods have been in a war over power since the dawn of time.

In a hidden section in the back of the book it reads a way to close the gates. You must collect a stone that belongs to that Demi God and an item pertaining to what that Demi Gods special is or something that represents them, then go to a portal in their area, draw a circle in blood with their symbol within and then chant a specific spell for that Demi God while holding their stone and having the special item in the center of the circle. It will be alerted as soon as you start, so you must act fast if you are to survive. The one chanting should have a strong will.

Mechanics- survive for three rounds during the chant and you seal the demi gods portals along with sending it back to R’lyeh.

In parts of the book it mentions a great and powerful God that existed before time that rules over the others. The book never speaks it’s name, but it does state that if both worlds where to merge it’s earth form will awake. It hints heavily that this god is able to exist in both worlds simultaneously, but it’s earth form is in a constant state of slumber. Their are other ways to awake it but none very easy. The book list a few different rituals.



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