Combat and Stress Boxes

The combat system is a little tricky, but I will do my best to explain it. When in combat you have physical and mental stress boxes. Your opponent has these too. when you attack someones physical stress box you typically attack with the fight skill unless your using a ranged weapon and then you would use shoot. They then defend with the fight skill if it is close combat or they can try to dodge with the athletics skill regardless of it being close or ranged. Lets say you roll a 3 total with your dice and your skill added together and they rolled a 1 to defend with. You then subtract the defense from the attack. So you have 2 going through. If no one uses fate points to try to change those numbers the opponent would fill in the second stress box leaving their first and however other many they have blank. To take someone out of combat you need to either fill in all of their stress boxes or do enough damage to go over the amount of stress boxes they have. Also you can never fill in the same box twice. So if on your next attack you manage to get 2 more through, they would then fill in their third box, but if you only get 1 through they would just fill their one box since they have not filled it in yet. I know this may sound confusing, but I sure once we are playing it will click.

During combat you only really have one action per turn. You get to take an action and resolve it. So whatever you decide to do make it count. The upside is that moving as long as you do not go into another zone, does not count as an action. So most of the time just moving around the room is free.

You may be wondering what a zone is now. It’s an area that you can move in. It can be a room or maybe a set amount of space. Different rooms would be counted as different zones, or if it makes since that something would be too far for you to get to in one turn, then it would also be a new zone. That’s for the most part up to me to decide. To get to a new zone it would take an action.

Initiative does exist in Fate, but it’s much more fixed. Your turn order in a conflict is based on your skills. In a physical conflict, compare your Notice skill to the other participants. In a mental conflict, compare your Empathy skill. Whoever has the highest gets to go first, and then everyone else in descending order. If there’s a tie, compare a secondary or tertiary skill. For physical conflicts, that’s Athletics, then Physique. For mental conflicts, Rapport, then Will. I am contemplating on letting you roll and then adding your skill instead. Let me know what you would prefer.

Combat and Stress Boxes

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