Fate Points and Refresh

Fate Points

You have a pool of points called fate points you can use to influence the game. You represent these with tokens. You start with a certain number of points every scenario, equal to your character’s refresh. You’ll also reset to your refresh rate if you ended a session with fewer fate points than your rate. When your aspects come into play, you will usually spend or gain a fate


Each player gets a number of fate points to start each session off with. That total is called the refresh rate. The refresh for a default, starting character is three fate points, but you
can opt to spend up to two of your refresh to buy additional stunts. You get additional refresh as your character achieves a major milestone, which you can spend on getting more stunts or keep in order to increase your starting fate point total. You can never have less than one refresh at any time.

You might end a session of play with more fate points than your actual refresh. If that happens, you don’t lose the additional points when you start the next session, but you don’t gain any either.

Spending Fate Points

You spend fate points in any of the following ways:
• Invoke an Aspect: Invoking an aspect costs you one fate point, unless the invocation is free.
• Power a Stunt: Some stunts are very potent, and as such, cost a fate point in order to activate.
• Refuse a Compel: Once a compel is proposed, you can pay a fate point to avoid the complication associated with it.
• Declare a Story Detail: To add something to the narrative based on one of your aspects, spend a fate point.

Earning Fate Points

You earn fate points in any of the following ways:
• Accept a Compel: You get a fate point when you agree to the complication associated with a compel. As we said above, this may sometimes happen retroactively if the circumstances warrant.
• Have Your Aspects Invoked Against You: If someone pays a fate point to invoke an aspect attached to your character, you gain their fate point at the end of the scene. This includes advantages created on your character, as well as consequences.
• Concede in a Conflict: You receive one fate point for conceding in a conflict, as well as an additional fate point for each consequence that you’ve received in that conflict.

Fate Points and Refresh

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