A skill is a word that describes a broad family of competency at something such as Athletics, Fight, or Deceive which your character might have gained through innate talent, training, or years of trial and error. Skills are the basis for everything your character actually does in the game that involves challenge and chance (and dice).

Skills are rated on the adjective ladder. The higher the rating, the better your character is at the skill. Taken together, your list of skills gives you a picture of that character’s potential for action at a glance—what you’re best at, what you’re okay at, and what you’re not so good at.

You are starting the game with three skills and will gain three more as you remember what happened. So I’m sure you want to know what the bonus is that you will be getting with these 6 skills. That is really up to you. Here is what it should look like though once you have all 6.



So with the three you are starting with, you can put them in any of these slots. As you gain Milestones you will be allowed to move some around as you develop your character through play.

After gaining all 6 we will begin into normal leveling. As you gain significant and major milestones you must keep the ladder with your skills. Basically, to get higher skills you must acquire lower skills to support them on the ladder.

Any skill that does not have a plus to it is considered a +0. I am not having you guys have any skills lower then that.

Now then, here is the list of skills allowed in this game. If you have an idea for a skill not listed that you think should be added to the list let me know and we will discuss adding it in.

Athletics The Athletics skill represents your character’s general level of physical fitness, whether through training, natural gifts, or genre-specific means (like magic or genetic alteration). It’s how good you are at moving your body. As such, it is a popular choice for nearly any action-y character. Athletics is all but ubiquitous among every genre appropriate for Fate—it would only be unnecessary in a game that focused exclusively on interpersonal interaction and had no physical conflict.
Burglary The Burglary skill covers your character’s aptitude for stealing things and getting into places that are off-limits. In genres that rely on the use of a lot of technology, this skill also includes a proficiency in the related tech, allowing the character to hack security systems, disable alarm systems, and whatnot.
Contacts Contacts is the skill of knowing and making connections with people. It
presumes proficiency with all means of networking available in the setting.
Deceive Deceive is the skill about lying to and misdirecting people.
Drive The Drive skill is all about operating vehicles and things that go fast.
Empathy Empathy involves knowing and being able to spot changes in a person’s
mood or bearing. It’s basically the emotional Notice skill.
Engineering Engineering is the skill of working with machinery, for good or ill.
Fight The Fight skill covers all forms of close-quarters combat (in other words,
within the same zone), both unarmed and using weapons.
Fly Fly skill is how well to maneuver through the air.
Investigate Investigate is the skill you use to find things out. It’s a counterpart to Notice—whereas Notice revolves around situational alertness and surface observation, Investigate revolves around concentrated effort and in-depth scrutiny.
Lore The Lore skill is about knowledge and education.
Medical The Medical skill is your ability to know how to help someone who is injured or sick and being able to preform the task at hand. With lore you can figure out some of the same things, but you would need medical to actually be able to do it.
Notice The Notice skill involves just that—noticing things. It’s a counterpart to Investigate, representing a character’s overall perception, ability to pick out details at a glance, and other powers of observation. Usually, when you use Notice, it’s very quick compared to Investigate, so the kinds of details you get from it are more superficial, but you also don’t have to expend as much effort to find them. This is also your initiative in combat situations.
Physique The Physique skill is a counterpart to Athletics, representing the character’s natural physical aptitudes, such as raw strength and endurance. A higher Physique also grants you additional physical stress boxes.
Provoke Provoke is the skill about getting someone’s dander up and eliciting negative emotional response from them—fear, anger, shame, etc. It’s the “being a jerk” skill. To use Provoke, you need some kind of justification. That could come entirely from situation, or because you have an aspect that’s appropriate, or because you’ve created an advantage with another skill (like Rapport or Deceive), or because you’ve assessed your target’s aspects (see Empathy). This skill requires that your target can feel emotions—robots and zombies typically can’t be provoked.
Rapport The Rapport skill is all about making positive connections to people and eliciting positive emotion. It’s the skill of being liked and trusted.
Resources Resources as per the book will probably come up very little in this game. It typically describes your character’s general level of material wealth in the game world and ability to apply it. It also states this might not always reflect cash on hand, given the different ways you can represent wealth in a particular setting. For this game the second part I see being more true, but still I will warn you it probably will not come up often unless you guys just think really outside the box on how to use this skill. I am however going to give it a special function not listed in the book. I am going to allow it to be used once before a session starts to gain more points. That could very well be a reason to eventually want to take this skill.
Science Science is the skill used to do scientific work. You can use lore to know science related stuff, but you need the science skill to actually do any of it.
Shoot The counterpart to Fight, Shoot is the skill of using ranged weaponry, either in a conflict or on targets that don’t actively resist your attempts to shoot them (like a bull’s-eye or the broad side of a barn).
Stealth The Stealth skill allows you to avoid detection, both when hiding in place and trying to move about unseen. It pairs well with the Burglary skill.
Survival Survival is how well you can survive out in the wild. Knowing how to track, find food, not getting lost. All things survival can help with.
Will The Will skill represents your character’s general level of mental fortitude, the same way that Physique represents your physical fortitude. A high Will also alows you to gain additional Mental Stress boxes.


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