When China discovered a gemstone that could solve our problems with the current work on creating Quantum Computers, technology began to take a huge leap foreword. Things that seemed impossible where becoming very possible. For the next ten years we would only tap into the surface of what these Gems that we now call Azel’s could really do.

But with power always comes a price. The company that found Azel; Ekting, kept their secret of where they found these air tight. Because no one else could produce these, the price for them was outrageous, making it to where only the rich and powerful could afford them. Ekting had a type of monopoly that no one could touch and was quickly making China the most powerful country in the world. This did not set well and many explorations to China began, trying to find where they could had possibly found something so powerful.

Our players true story does not begin with a gemstone, or the Quantum Computers. These are the last memories they have of anything big going on in the world. No, their story truly begins when they awoke from a long sleep inside a bright white room, strapped into operating tables, with no idea how they got there or how long it had been since their last memory of who they once where.